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Wibblers? Look what I found!

“Lots of sex,” says Alfonso Cuaron, the Mexican director who’s taken over the reins of the series from Chris Columbus. “Lots of nudity. And lots of sex.” Relax, he’s joking. But Cuaron notes that his teenage cast is coming of age just as the characters are, and that there’s, uh, pollen in the air. “You just have to let it flow,” he says. “You don’t need to encourage it. You allow it to be. And believe me, they have a lot of it.”

Oh, we so knew it. *does the dance of Wibbliness*

Cuaron also reimagined the role of Professor Dumbledore after Richard Harris’s death. British actor Michael Gambon now plays the Hogwarts headmaster as an elegant old hippie.

Er, what?

Yes, “Azkaban” is the puberty movie in the Potter franchise—the one, says Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, in which “all those lovely, lovely hormones start coming out.”

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